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    Advances in irreversible electroporation technology and novel clinical applications

    Davalos, Rafael - Virginia Tech
    Campelo, Sabrina - Virginia Tech
    Aycock, Kenneth - Virginia Tech
    Salameh, Zaid - Virginia Tech
    Veronica Ringel-Scaia, Veronica - Virginia Tech
    Alinezhad, Nastaran - Virginia Tech
    Allen, Coy - Virginia Tech

    Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) is a minimally invasive surgical therapy we invented to treat unresectable tumors using low-energy microsecond pulses. IRE is unique among tissue ablation techniques in affecting only the cell membrane while tissue molecules, everything encompassing collagen structures to proteins; remain intact, thereby making treatment near critical structures such as major blood vessels and nerves possible. We are developing an advanced form of the technology, high frequency irreversible electroporation (HFIRE) for the treatment of cancer. This new therapy preferentially targets cancer cells over healthy cells, promotes a positive immune response, and alleviates the need for a paralytic. Our preclinical work focuses on helping canine patients with spontaneous disease, which are excellent translational models for human disease. Results of our ongoing trials have been extremely positive, supporting that HFIRE is effective for the treatment of cancer, including tumors refractory to surgery, radio- and chemotherapies.

    Irreversible Electroporation, Pulsed Field Ablation, Non-thermal Ablation


    Topic 1:
    6. Cancer treatment and tumor ablation

    Topic 2:
    12. Biomedical applications

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