ID: 2164

  • Title:
    Adjustable, nanosecond pulsed power techniques

    Pemen, Guus, Eindhoven University of Technology
    Ton, Chiel, Eindhoven University of Technology
    Oorschot, Jeroen van, Eindhoven University of Technology
    Hoeben, Wilfred, Eindhoven University of Technology
    Huiskamp, Tom, Eindhoven University of Technology

    This paper reviews our development on an impedance-matched Marx-generator (IMG) for adjustable and flexible nanosecond pulse generator. We will present the concept and main topology of an IMG based pulser. Next we will describe technical details as the choice of the semiconductor switches and the gate-driver circuits. Finally the presentation will give three implementations, demonstrating the Next of flexibel generation of pre-programmed HV waveforms. The presentation will finsih with the first results on scaling-up this topology for >100 kV nanosecond pulse generation for e.g. contactless PEF treatment using a HV E-field antenna.



    Topic 1:
    13. Pulsed power devices and methods

    Topic 2:
    5. Exposure devices and methods

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